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Carry-in methods

- Delivery Method
The personal delivery of bulky garbage is operated on an application system. Select the required date of delivery, and then deliver the garbage to the site specified. Click here for details on applying by telephone.
* Fill in your name on the bulky garbage disposal sticker (chargeable sticker) and submit it together with the garbage without sticking it onto the item to be disposed of.
* A maximum of ten items can be delivered at one time.
- Disposal charges are cheaper.
A sum equal to the half the total cost of normal charges (rounded up to the nearest 100 yen) is payable.
However, a minimum charge of 200 yen is payable for each delivery.
- The items that cannot be delivered
are the same as the items that cannot be put out for disposal.
Click here for further details.
Bulky Garbage Delivery System

Handling fee can be low priced.

The fee is 50% of normal handling fee (amounts less than 100 yen are disregarded).
However, the minimum fee is 200yen per carry-in.

The items that are not acceptable carry-in

Same with collection garbage.
For more details,please see this page for confirmation.

Those who applies exemption system for the bulky waste handling fee

Exemption system for the handling fee can be accepted on flowing cases.
Those who are related to this systemplease contactthe Bulky waste reception center
*Online application is not acceptable.

Victims from natural disasters or other large-scale disasters
(Based on the instruction from the local waste management office)
Welfare benefit recipients
(The original certificate of the welfare benefits*In principle, the certificate issued on and after the date of application is required.)
Victims from disasters such as fire
(Victim's certificate issued by the chief of Fire department)
Child rearing allowance recipients
(A copy of the certificate of the child rearing allowance)
Recipients of special child rearing allowance
(A copy of the certificate of the special child rearing allowance)
Old age welfare pension recipients
(A copy of the certificate of old age welfare pension)
Recipients of support payment for Japanese remaining in China
(A copy of the proof of identity)

Relevant information

*Please check with Itabashi City website for more details. Itabashi City websitehttp://www.city.itabashi.tokyo.jp/

Information for service office

Itabashi City Itabashi-nishi Waste Management Office (Tel: 03-3969-3721) 2-20-9, Higashisakashita, Itabashi-ku


Itabashi City Itabashi-nishi Waste Management Office (Tel: 03-3936-7441) 1-16-1, Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku